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Acrylic Design Works Launches New Web Site | Sept. 1, 2009
Our new website now gives our customers the ability to buy all of our acrylic safety products online. Visit our online store to see a complete list of our products.

With over 25 years of experience and our state of the art CNC equipment we are a complete acrylic fabricating company. We complete all of our products in house to insure the highest quality and on time delivery.


Acrylic Fabrication

Providing high quality, competitively priced products and excellent customer service is our #1 priority. We also understand that your deadline is our deadline. Whatever your display requirements, you’ll find our free estimates accurate, prompt, and competitive. We can satisfy all your plastic fabrication needs quickly and accurately, allowing you to meet even your toughest deadlines with confidence!


Prototype Fabrication

Every project has to start somewhere. Let us help you with that first step. With twenty years of experience and a proven track record our designers and fabrication specialists will work with you on display development from prototype design through production. If you already have a design, we will custom manufacture to your exact specifications.


Acrylic POP Display

With the growing need to increase product purchases, the right store fixture is essential. Product display and organization is the key for increasing your sales. We can help make that happen. All of our Displays are custom made to help make your product stand out from the rest.


Oven Forming

Does your next acrylic project have a few curves in it? Our large in house oven is capable of heating up to a 10’ x 6’ sheet of acrylic, giving us the ability to form parts to customer specifications whether they may be big or small.


CNC Routing, and Laser Cutting

Driven by the ever increasing demand for higher quality and competitive pricing Acrylic Design Works strives to reach new levels in Acrylic manufacturing. Using the latest Cadcam software and state of the art CNC Routers and Laser we can machine parts quickly and to exact tolerances.


UV Glass Bonding

We provide high quality UV glass bonding for all your glass products. Using the latest equipment and working closely with our partners we can help complete all your glass bonding needs.


Silk Screening

To help provide our customers with a high quality finished product we provide in house Silk screening. Let us provide that extra step to make your product jump out from the rest.


Diamond Polishing

With our Codema Diamond Polisher we have the ability to polish all acrylic edges after cutting to a perfect optically clear surface. This process not only insures the highest quality for display covers and exhibits, but is perfect for all projects that require any kind of graphics applications.